Twitter Ideology Scores of Potential Presidential Candidates

Source: Washington Post

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  1. theexpertisin commented on Jun 18

    Hillary Clinton to the left of MSNBC and the NYT? Grandma Hillary, sweet lady and the epitome of warmth and honesty, will pivot to the center-slightly right soon after she cons the Democratic primary voters. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren is playing the loyal lap dog waiting for her seat at the Hillary table post-election instead of showing some guts as per Barack Obama when he took on Mrs. Clinton.

    Equally dubious is the Washington Post, source of this graph, positioning itself as closest to the center of the ideological scale. Fair and balanced just like Fox News, I guess.

  2. wisconjon commented on Jun 18

    Hilarious. A ‘normal’ ideological scale with no normalization. What does 1 mean? How is that the left is so radical, but Ted cruz is barely more than a standard conservative (and still to the left of the ambiguous ‘1’)? This is how the conservatives want to win; by disingenuity masquerading as fact. Winning is winning: even if it’s disingenuous, the check still cashes.

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