Look Out Below, China Yuan Devaluation Version

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Futes  2015-08-12

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  1. DeDude commented on Aug 12

    China went from a “fix is in” currency exchange rate to a market based rate (with a ban on swings bigger than 2% per day). It turns out that all those people who complained that the Yuan had been keep artificially low were wrong. It had been keep artificially high, because when the markets were allowed to determine the rate, the Yuan fell.

  2. Concerned Neighbour commented on Aug 12

    How quickly one forgets the power of the miracle BTFD pump on no news. Lookout above?

    It’s as I’ve been saying since “markets” became policy instruments: I highly doubt they’ll ever be allowed to fall again. I also continue to believe rates won’t rise. If anything we’re in for more QE. More “temporary, emergency” stimulus in perpetuity.

    • intlacct commented on Aug 14


      I agree, the sky is falling. :P

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