Homicide Rate by Firearms

Source: Mic

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    • BottomMiddleClass commented on Oct 27

      openwheel, your list is INTENTIONAL homicides. This list is just any death by firearms, including accidental.

      I invite you to perform the following google searches to get a vague idea of how many accidental deaths due to guns we have in the US: “child accidentally shoots child ”


      I wish I could give you actual statistics on accidental gun deaths, but the National Rifle Association has been very effective in lobbying to keep government from collecting that kind of data since 1996.


    • openwheel11 commented on Oct 27

      BottomMiddleClass, I invite you to read the headline of the article: “Homicide Rate by Firearms”.
      I was trying to give a more complete picture of the many social, economic and cultural factors that all affect the complex problem of violence in society.

      Apparently the evil NRA has not extended its grip to the Center for Disease Control. According to the CDC the number of accidental deaths of children under 14 years of age was 62. While a tragic number, it is equal with deaths from falls, and a fraction of deaths from drownings.


    • rd commented on Oct 27

      Its good that we are safer from homicide than Somalia and Jamaica. Not quite so good that Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco have lower homicide rates. As usual, among developed countries, the US is about triple the nearest competitors.

      BTW – a fair number of the firearm homicides in Mexico and Canada occur with weapons purchased in the US and imported illegally into those countries, so it is an export business. That’s why the Canadian customs folks are more interested in whether or not you are bringing firearms into their country than booze.

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Oct 27

      Would you really want to live under the government of Egypt, which is essentially a military dictatorship? I don’t know anything about Tunisia or Morocco but I strongly doubt that their governments are anything to emulate, either.

    • Rogue Medic commented on Oct 27

      According to the title of the chart shown, this is a list of countries in the developed world, not a list of all countries (your link).


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