1963 Jaguar E-Type SI












Source: Classic Driver

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  1. milbank commented on Dec 4

    Truly one of the, if not THE, most beautiful sports cars ever designed. Lousy gear system but, look at that ass! That’s as perfect a rounded butt as there ever was. I love a good, round, butt on my babies.

  2. Orange14 commented on Dec 4

    Oh the memories! While in college I helped a buddy do a complete rebuild of a mildly wrecked E-type. We spent about six months total working in the evenings and on weekends and we got it back to pristine condition. My first care was a 1962 MGA Mk II with the wonderful electric fuel pump that would pick the most inopportune times to conk out and the two six volt batteries connected in series that were mounted behind the driver’s seat, and the Lucas gauges that were totally untrustworthy; but boy was it fun to drive!

  3. poppysmic commented on Dec 4

    Is it just my browser or did you crop the bottom out of all these photos? Removing a watermark? I wonder why people go out of their way to make sure copyright owners don’t get credit.

    ADMIN: Every post is always sourced, usually at bottom, which you can usually identify by the clever word “Source” — in this case its Classic Driver.

    As to the crop, thats how WordPress displays photos. Click on each image to see the full sized photo.

    • Ralph commented on Dec 4

      Are there any other stupid or offensive comments you might like to add, or shall we leave it at that and just ask BR to ban you as tjhe obvious clueless arse you are?

    • milbank commented on Dec 5

      Now, now, Ralph, poppysmic made a comment that demonstrated his ignorance exactly the way Mr. Ritholtz and/or his staff requested it should.

  4. ComradeAnon commented on Dec 4

    Classic Driver says mint condition with a little over 1000 original miles. Whoa.

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