Gun Violence Analogies

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Source: The Upshot

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  1. BajaMike commented on Dec 26

    Interesting, Living in Mexico I can tell you the country has extremely tight gun controls. Unlike the U.S., the average Mexican cannot buy a gun, but the criminals, bandits and general bad guys have everything from fully automatic rifles to .50 caliber sniper rifles. Although Mexico would like everyone to believe these guns are all coming from the U.S., they are being bought from the multitudes of arms dealers across the world with drug money and other ill gotten funds.

    The idea that taking the guns from the law abiding members of society is going to solve all the violence problems in society is just foolishness. If you don’t believe me, come on down and drive around the Mexican countryside below the borders of Texas or Arizona in this highly gun controlled country.

    • RW commented on Dec 26

      “…this highly gun controlled country.”

      Oh please, this is mere sophistry.

      Laws and regulations mean nothing if they are not enforced and the mere fact that Mexico has ‘gun controls’ on paper says nothing about the reality on the street where a payoff to a govt official can buy a blind eye to the purchase of virtually any weapon desired including military issue. In cases where the police themselves are gun runners (apparently not that uncommon in some provinces at least) the transaction is even more straightforward than that.

    • VennData commented on Dec 26

      BajaMike is another furious white ball of rage.

      Nice work Tim. Facts tops rants.

  2. mlnberger commented on Dec 26

    Point taken. But if the left can concede that banning all guns (to take the extreme) is not feasible, can we at least hear someone on the right agree that there is a problem with guns in this society? And if that framework is reached, then can we not start a dialogue dedicated to finding a solution to an obvious, terrible, shameful state of affairs?

    • VennData commented on Dec 26

      Another strawman!

      The rightwing loon starts his dataless story with “The ban all guns” fantasy.

      Notice how crap their arguments are when they’re emotional.

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