Tracking Trump

Source: Bloomberg

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  1. jbegan commented on Dec 28

    Some Bollinger Bands and maybe RSI would be helpful here.

  2. Thalamusless commented on Dec 28

    Though not perfect, he represents the non-brainwashed masses.

  3. romerjt commented on Dec 29

    Vegas can not establish odds on these political events but a betting site in the UK puts Trump’s odds at getting the nomination at 4 to 1. My hunch is that’s a good bet but explaining how he doesn’t is still not clear. A few scenarios:
    a. He finally says something that is so over the line that the bubble bursts.
    b. The establishment Rep and the donor class become sufficiently terrified of the destruction of the party to mount an attack to deny him the nomination.
    c. Leading in the polls doesn’t translate into winning a caucus or a primary, he becomes “loser”, he has a melt down and the bubble bursts.
    d. The American people’s attention span for Trump expires and people just stop paying attention to him.
    e. Other?

  4. constantnormal commented on Dec 29

    To which are you referring (as “not perfect”), Trump or the non-brainwashed masses?

  5. VennData commented on Dec 29

    I hope he wins the GOP nomination.

    They’ve (the well-paid GOP Media Machine) been asking for a hero, a man, a tough talking fighter for the working man against the elites and the people who really aren’t American and don’t understand America like Obama who has obviously ruined everything and has been by far the worst President ever… ever, ever!

  6. milbank commented on Dec 29

    I hope he wins the GOP nomination, too.

    There’s no way he will win the general election. Another Scalia or Thomas on the Supreme Court is more than this country could handle. Anyway, it is said a candidate needs 40% of the Latino vote to win the election. Fat chance of that happening to The Donald. Even looking at the Electoral College, he won’t get Florida for sure.

  7. miffedone commented on Jan 1

    Is this a poll of all voters, all Republican voters, all registered Republican voters, all registered Republicans who voted in the last election, brain dead people, racists, or mentally challenged Polynesians living in their mother’s attic in Milwaukee? A bit of sourcing and accurate descriptor would be helpful.

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