A Teachable Moment




Late last year, our firm announced a new Educator / 403(b) division. We had been interested in why the 401k side of the business was such a mess, but found that the 403b side — retirement plans for non-profit organizations — was even worse.

Tony Isola, a former trader who tossed Wall Street aside to become a teacher, heads up this group. He is totally sympatico with our philosophy, and has a history of anecdotes that is both unbelievable — because they are so awful — and horrifying — because they are true.

I first met Tony as a commenter on The Big Picture many, many years ago. That we now work together is a testament to how funnily random the world can be.

If you like the investment philosophy we espouse around these parts, be sure to check out Tony Isola’s redesigned blog, A Teachable Moment. You will find amazingly rich explanations about investing as it applies to the unique circumstances of educators. You won’t be disappointed . . .





Introducing RWM’s Educator / 403(b) Division (TBP)

Introducing Anthony and Dina Isola (TRB)

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