Trump vs. Clinton Average Polling: June 2015 – June 2016

A friend and I discussed the two big polls out this weekend: One from the WSJ, the other from the Washington Post, showing a double digit deficit for Trump.

The friend argued that Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos hates Trump, and anything in WaPo is compromised.

Between the two, I argued, WaPo was trustworthy. (I write for WaPo, and gave never been told what I can and can’t say). Ever since Murdoch bought the Journal anything remotely political is suspect (others call it “comprised”), but I still find the important business and market related coverage to be excellent, and link to it frequently.

But if you don’t like any single poll — WSJ? WaPo? — then why not just average them all?  That is what does, tracking 473 polls from 31 pollsters over the course of a year.

Here is what that looks like:


click for ginormous chart
Source: Huffington Post



About the methodology: HuffPost Pollster (originally has aimed to report the results of every public poll that claims to provide a representative sample of the population or electorate. Our criteria have always been expansive — we have included polls of varying methodology, including automated, recorded voice telephone polls and online surveys using non-probability internet samples.

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