Fact-checking 2016 Presidential Candidates

This is astonishing:

Over at Michael Sandberg’s Data Visualization Blog, Robert Mann did the heavy lifting of presenting all of the fact-checking of both the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, and presenting them in a graphical format. The data comes from independent site PolitiFact‘s ongoing review of candidates statements called the truth-o-meter. (Note: PolitiFact won a Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for their coverage of the 2008 election).

Among 2016 Republican candidates, Jeb Bush and John Kasich were the most honest; Donald Trump and Ted Cruz told the most lies. Among 2016 Democrats, Clinton was slightly more honest than Sanders or Biden. 3/4s of Trump’s statements are either mostly false, false, or “pant’s on fire.”

I am shocked but not surprised:


Who Lies More – A Comparison
click for ginormous graphic
Source: Datavizblog


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