The Trump Portfolios

The PeOTUS Portfoliospotus


I have been thinking about the impact of PeOTUS on various companies. It seems like we can divide the world into 2 very different groups of publicly traded firms.

The first are those companies that Trump is friendly with — he says nice things about them, cuts a deal with management, hires their CEOs as Cabinet members.

The second are those that he is angry with. Threatens to cancel contracts or hit them with import tariffs, or tweets nasty things about them.

I was wondering what the performance of the two different groups might look like. I started gathering a few names. Using my trusty Bloomberg terminal, I created to indices. One the favorable companies –lets call that one OLGY. The other for the unfavorable firms; lets call that SWMP. As you can see from the chart above, there is a big difference in performance.

I’ll see if I can flesh this out further and discuss it more detail after the weekend.


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