The Comedy of Politics

Really interesting collection of articles and columns from Wired:

GEORGE CARLIN. LENNY BRUCE. THAT DOG PUPPET.We’ve always had comedians zinging truth to power. (“Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself,” Mark Twain quipped in 1881.)

But today it’s getting hard to tell where politics ends and comedy begins. The change started with Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, which made even sitting presidents want in on the joke. Now we have politicians yukking it up everywhere from The Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live to Funny or Die’s absurd Between Two Ferns. Along the way we’ve had comedians become politicians (hi, Al Franken) and politicians throw stand-up into their stump speeches. (Have you heard the one about the salmon?) Comedy is now politics. Politics is comedy.

And with our new president, not all of it is exactly funny.

Check it out.


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Source: Wired

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