WWDC: 13 Million Nerds Apple’s Counting On


This is very interesting, via Bloomberg:

Investment managers are doubling down on the hottest stocks of 2017 — and it’s paying off.

Funds tracked by Bank of America Corp. own the highest percentage of technology stocks on record compared to their benchmark. It’s a sector that’s carried U.S. stocks to new highs, leading the S&P 500 Index with a nearly 20 percent gain in 2017. And it’s giving active managers a boost they haven’t seen in more than two years.

Of course, not all technology stocks are created equal. The returns in tech are top-heavy, dominated by Facebook Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Netflix Inc. and Google’s parent Alphabet Inc., also known as the FANG stocks, as well as Apple Inc. Those five companies alone account for more than a quarter of the S&P 500’s advance this year.

Here is the write up at Soundcloud:

If you own an iPhone, chances are you’ve used Apple’s App Store to buy and download apps. For years, while iPhones were flying off the shelves, Apple had the power to dictate the rules of how software developers all over the world made those apps– and made money from them. Now, with the global market for smartphones slowing, the iPhone maker is looking to sweeten its relationship with the 13 million developers it relies on to generate revenue from the App Store. The inner workings of Apple’s business are notoriously opaque, but this week Bloomberg Technology’s Alex Webb and Brad Stone take you into the world of the developers themselves, to hear what it’s actually been like to work with Apple– and to find out how the world’s most valuable company is trying to change that.



The 13 Million Nerds That Apple’s Counting On

Source: Investors Go All-In on Tech Giants


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