The Best Investment Writing

I wanted to point you this morning towards an excellent compendium put together by Meb Faber, titled The Best Investment Writing.

The book is a collection, smartly selected and edited, of previously published works from dozens of serious financial writers (full list below). Some of my crew is in there (me and Josh and Ben); but objectively speaking, the full run of work is very impressive.

Its evergreen, not focused on what just happened or last quarter’s earnings or GDP or whatever noise came blaring out of your TV yesterday. Each and every post seems was selected to be eternal in its wisdom and insight. Its very easy to pick up, read a chapter, then put it down. It is really quite excellent, and I am angry at myself for not thinking of the idea – its that good.

I am pleased (and proud) to participate in this project; you can argue whether this post or that writer should have been included, it just means that a Volume 2 will be well anticipated.

Published by Harriman House, it goes on sale tomorrow (July 31) at Amazon and wherever; Meb notes that all profits will be donated to charity — making it a feel good purchase as well.

















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