America’s Top 10 Companies: 1917-1967-2017

Fascinating look at how much things change over 50 to 100 years:

“[The] historical sequence for 1917, 1967 and 2017. The size of the circle corresponds to the company’s valuation adjusted for inflation to 2017 dollars. We then color-coded each circle by industry, and we added the company’s logo for a quick read on the ranking.

Lots can be said about the implications of our viz. First off, the graph represents valuations adjusted for inflation in 2017 dollars. Why is this important? It means that the United States is far wealthier now than it was 50 or 100 years ago. Our largest companies are significantly larger and worth more than the largest companies in 1967 and 1917. Just look at the size of Apple compared to IBM—it’s not even close. In 1967, IBM was valued at $259B. That doesn’t break the top ten today.


Source: How Much

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