The Influence Game, Amazon Edition

Big Bloomberg piece on how Jeff Bezos has reluctantly entered the world of DC circle of influence. He bought the Washington Post, ramped up lobbying dollars, and has taken a decidedly un-Silicon Valley approach to legislation:

“In the past five years, Amazon increased lobbying spending by more than 400 percent, a rate of change that far exceeds rivals’. It lobbied more government agencies than any other tech company, pressed its case on as many issues as Google, and outspent everyone in the industry except for the search giant, the data show.”
From Chihuahua to Great Dane in just a few years: Following a quiet decade in the 2000s, the ramp up is significant: 


Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Can’t Beat Washington, So He’s Joining It
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Source: Bloomberg


Everything Bezos does is fodder for a future HBS case study. This is fascinating stuff . . .



Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Can’t Beat Washington, So He’s Joining It: The Influence Game
By Spencer Soper, Naomi Nix, Ben Brody and Bill Allison
Bloomberg, February 14, 2018


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