RWM Crew is Coming to California!


This past December, we announced RWM had opened a new office in Newport Beach, California, with advisor Gary Pulford (Gary is a specialist in Trust & Estate issues). It is a unique and beautiful part of the world, and our new offices are not far from the Evidence Based Investing conference we host each June in Dana Point.

To christen the new location, some of the RWM crew is heading to SoCal next week: Kris Venne, our firm’s director of financial planning, Michael Batnick, our research director and Josh Brown, our CEO, are going to take Orange County and Los Angeles during the week of March 12th through March 17th.

Josh is speaking at the first ever Research Affiliates Advisor Symposium. He and the crew are going to see RWM clients up and down the southern coast, and find some time to meet with people from the area who have reached out to us previously.

It is going to be a busy and fun-filled week.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about Ritholtz Wealth Management, and how we work with clients, or if you want to chat about smarter portfolios, financial plans, this is your chance.

Contact us at info-at-ritholtzwealth-dot-com, subject line = “California” and we’ll follow up to get you on the calendar. Or, pick up the phone and call us directly: 212-625-1200.

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