1981 BMW M1

If you are a fan of the BMW M lines (as I am) then this is where it all began: The BMW M1 (internally, the E26). The hand-built supercar was made between 1978 and 1981. It was the first mid-engined BMW to be “mass-produced” (if thats the right word for a hand built car).

It was also the beginning of M as the motorsport division of BMW. The stock four valve engine only made 273 HP, but the platform was made for modding. Add a giant turbo charger and a few other tweaks and you end up with 800 hp monsters.

The one below is a barn find — never registered, driven only 7,000 kilometers.  Recent sales have been about $500k; this one could go for double that.

Regardless of price, an interesting and influential car.


Source: Classic Driver

Source: Classic Driver

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