Bloomberg: Ten Reasons Finance Will Keep Changing

Ten Reasons Finance Will Keep Changing
Constant flux is the norm. Get used to it.
Bloomberg, June 22, 2018



I spoke at the Vanguard Connect event yesterday, and during the Q&A got a very interesting question:

“What do you think the financial services industry will look like in 5 or 10 years?”

I offered up a short, woefully incomplete answer. I wanted to use today’s column to flesh out some of those ideas further.

My top 10 list would have to include the following:

1. Fee compression

2. Indexing

3. ETFs

4. Death of Alpha

5. Fin Tech

6. Behavioral Finance

7. Communications, Storytelling

8. Fiduciary Rule

9. Consolidation and Outside Capital

10. Head Count

Read the full column here:  Ten Reasons Finance Will Keep Changing

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