Aspark Owl: World’s Most Expensive EV

OK, this is just ridiculous in every sense of the word:

Speed: 0-60 time: 1.9 seconds

Power:  1,150 horsepower and 885 Newton meters of torque

Weight: 1,500 kilograms (3300 lbs)

Origin: Osaka, Japan

Production Run: 50

Price: $3.6 million

Order yours now with a non-refundable €1 million deposit. I like a fast, beautiful car as much as much as the next person –more even — but as the photos show, this is pretty over the top in its styling . . .




Source: Bloomberg

Source: Top Gear


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Source: DailyMail

Source: Business Review


Source: Jalopnik

Source: Aspark

See Also: Wikipedia

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