Real World Application of Behavioral Economics


The subject of behavioral economics keeps coming up in casual conversation. I love chatting with people about this, both the academic theories underlying the subject and the specifics of how it can be applied in real world scenarios.

Whenever something interesting came out of a conversation, presentation, or dinner, I jotted down a few notes. Soon, it was clear to me that there was enough interest and specific examples that this had evolved into its own topic that needed to be fleshed out in greater detail.

Thus, last week I posted a three part series on the real life applications of Behavioral finance as deployed by a working wealth management firm (RWM). I enjoyed writing these — its an area I expect will likely see greater adaption in the future. You can find each of those posts on How to Use Behavioral Finance in Asset Management here:

Here is a PDF of the full set:
click to download


I hope you will find these as useful as I did putting them down in writing.

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