How Much Are You Willing to Pay for a Netflix Subscription?

Why do I suspect that this price is fairly irrelevant when premium Cable channels are $10 and $15 dollars per month and offer a fraction of both the quality and quantity of Netflix?

I am willing to go ala carte, keep a dozen non-premium channels channels (SciFi, HGTV, BBC, FXX, NatGeo, Comedy Central, a handful of others, plus HBO (or to be since I cancelled a bunch of DISH stuff, HBO Now on the Amazon Firestick).  For premium channels, Netflix + Amazon Prime is pretty much all I need. Not the 500 channels of stuff I never watch that cable/satellite forces people to subscribe to.

Where will Netflix price end up? At what point will they begin seeing users cancel? I don’t know, but I suspect it depends uon if they crack down on account sharing.

Fair guess?  $25 per month.



Source: Recode

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