Surprising Criminal Conviction Statistics

We know that the long term trend shows a falling crime rate. But as today’s WTF data point reveals, the long term conviction rates for violent felonies shows something rather different.

Based on data from 22 cities, apprehension and conviction rates in major cities are appalling:


Shoot Someone In A Major US City, And Odds Are You’ll Get Away With It

Source: Buzzfeed


More stats:

-Homicides and assaults carried out with guns lead to arrests about half as often as when the same crimes are committed using other weapons or physical force.

-Odds of an arrest are particularly low when victims survive — homicide department has a much lower caseload then other departments.

-If the victims are people of color, odds that the culprit will be caught are 18 percentage points lower than when the victim is white. For gun assaults, its 21% for black or Hispanic victims, versus 37% for white victims

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