How healthy is your state?

United Health Foundation analyzes the state of America’s health on a state by state basis. Their model is divided into five categories; one health category and four categories of health determinants: behaviors, community & environment, policy, and clinical care:

Thirty-five markers of health are evaluated this year, covering behaviors, community and environment, policy, clinical care and outcomes data.
This year, the report finds increases in mortality and chronic disease such as obesity that continue to impact the nation’s health. While the country’s ability to address treatment of chronic conditions may improve with increasing numbers of key health providers, interventions and policies at the individual, community, state and national levels are needed to curb these troubling trends. Also notable, the nation’s child poverty rate — a key indicator of socioeconomic status and health throughout the lifespan — has declined nationally. This encouraging development signals there may be a reduction in future adverse health outcomes associated with child poverty, however, stark differences by state show unequal progress.



Source: America’s Health Rankings via @brosen23


Source: America’s Health Rankings via @brosen23

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