Polestar 2

Polestar, the high-end, electric division of Volvo, has an intriguing new EV: the Polestar 2. It is a premium 5-door fastback, and one of the first real contenders to challenge Tesla. The $40,000 price tag pits it directly against Tesla’s Model 3. (We previously looked at the Polestar 1 here).

There is no start button in the Polestar 2. The car powers up as the driver is seated, the intelligent sensors in the seat signal to the car’s systems that it’s go time. No key, either: Your smart phone is your authentication device.

The specs:

-275 mile range;
-dual motors, 78kWh battery;
-408 horsepower and 487-foot-pounds of torque;
-zero to 60 in about 4.7 seconds;
-$40,000 base version, $63,000 “launch edition” or performance version;
-The Performance Pack comes with Öhlins dampers and Brembo brakes.
-The first car to use Google’s new Android Automotive OS infotainment system;
-Production begins in 2020;
-Co-pilot, Volvo’s safety and collision mitigation uses autonomous assist, front radar, windshield-mounted camera, and two rear radar units. Automatic pre-braking, steering support and incrementally tightening seat belts.

After the 2, the Polestar 3 is likely to be a “SUV Coupe” type of vehicle, sometime around 2023.

Engadget describes the advantages of Polestar having Volvo as a parent company. It is more than just Volvo’s design influence, although that is evident everywhere. “The automaker has the advantage of the financial backing of an established automaker behind it with access to factories, capital, and technology that Volvo has been working on for decades.” This may end up being an advantage of Polestar, as well as the Jaguar iPace, versus EV leader Tesla.


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My favorite part of Automobile Magazine — I am a subscriber — are their design analyses. Follow the link to see what each of the numbered points are about:

Source: Automobile Magazine


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