RWM on FT’s Annual Top 300 RIA List

We are thrilled to be on the annual FT 300 list: the top US registered investment advisers for 2019 (full list here). We are grateful for and honored by the recognition

RWM launched 6 years ago this September. Our expectations were modest: Do the right thing for clients, explain in public our philosophy, and push the industry to do better. Along the way we learned how to run a business for the benefit of our various stakeholders: clients, employees, and equity partners. We have been fortunate enough to achieve the scale needed to do this in a professional, high quality manner while staying true to our core values and beliefs.

I was struck when Ken Fisher said that his firm, with over $100 billion dollars in assets, was a rounding error in the marketplace, and his market share was measured in decimal places.That humility resonated with me, in the face of the immensity of $300 trillion dollar plus value of capital markets and the nearly $100 trillion dollar value of the global economy.

Our goals remain unchanged: do a fantastic job for clients as stewards of their assets and as counselors for them personally; help our employees and partners become better at what they do professionally; continue punching above our weight in matters that impact our industry.

Thank you to our entire team and all of our clients who have made any sort of recognition possible. Thank you to the Financial Times for recognizing our contributions. We greatly appreciate it!



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