1968 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage

Strangely enough, the DB5 and DB6 came up in conversation this week. A friend grew up with the family that owned Aston in the 1970s. The nicest thing we can say about that era is it helped the company say afloat to usher in the modern Ford and post Ford era.

The Vantage had a 4.0L Vantage Inline-Six which made 325 horsepower, a very competitive output for the era. It was mated to a ZF 5-Speed manual transmission, and the combination was fast.

The 2 door, four seat fastback was one of the most handsome cars ever to come out of the UK. Gorgeous front grill, spectacular dashboard, a worthy successor to the DB5.

Strong DB6 Vantage from this era go from between $300k to $500k and up.


Source: Classic Driver

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