A Masterclass in Business: Money Philosophy


I sat with Cameron Passmore and Benjamin Felix of the Rational Reminder podcast and the Canadian firm PWL Capital to discuss, well everything: the origins of TBP, the MIB podcast, my investing philosophy, the state of the financial industry, and the beginnings of RWM.

It’s a broad romp through lots of topics that I suspect you will find informative and entertaining.


Source: Rational Reminder Podcast



Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why Barry feels he has the easiest gig in podcasting. [0:03:17.6]
  • The inspiration behind starting the firm and Barry’s day to day work. [0:05:53.9]
  • The RIA model versus the brokerage model in investment firms. [0:12:45.4]
  • How Barry and the firm have chosen to run their business model. [0:16:03]
  • Specific portfolios at Ritholtz and the philosophy behind them . [0:21:18.8]
  • It’s no good breaking a record if you crash straight after! [0:28:13.1]
  • How Barry and the firm find customers and the client conversations they have. [0:34:04.2]
  • Behavioral counseling as RWMC’s biggest value proposition. [0:42:34.8]
  • Barry’s opinions on robo-advisors and the factors to consider. [0:47:06.2]
  • Why are there still commission based advisors in 2019? [0:50:38.9]
  • Things Barry has changed his mind about since starting the firm in 2013. [0:55:09.9]
  • Small cap tilts, lower rates and the longer term vision that is necessary. [1:01:11.1]
  • How Barry defines success in his life. [1:07:01.5]
  • And much more!
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