September 11th

I do not like to reminisce about that terrible day 18 years ago — neither the day nor the subsequent responses to it. I do my best to avoid writing anything new about September 11th.

Instead, I will just point you to my contemporary notes and writings from that day (published just after midnight late in the evening of 9/11). I was Market Strategist for a firm headquartered at 2 WTC, offices on the 29th floor (all of our employees escaped safely).

I was fortunate to be in the LI office as events unfolded, and I managed to get my head trader Bill on his cell phone. He gave me a full running narration of everything he saw as it what was occurring in real time. As we spoke, I did something out of character: I took copious notes. We spoke for a long while until the towers went down breaking our phone connection. We spoke again that night, and I reviewed my notes and asked his permission to publish them. He said he was fine with it.

So later the night, sometime after midnight(?), I hit publish, and went to bed exhausted.

A Personal Recollection From a Day of Horror (September 12th, 2001).

The response was overwhelming. I wrote about it, which you can see below…

Postscript a few days later.

How This Page “Happened”

The Feedback




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