10 Wednesday AM Reads

My mid-week impeachment-free morning train reads:

• It’s Not the Economy Anymore, Stupid: A polarized electorate is less swayed by how well the economy (WSJ)
• The Unsolved Mystery of the Medallion Fund’s Success (Businessweek)
• No. 1 milk company declares bankruptcy amid drop in demand (AP)
• Your Fund Manager’s Politics Could Be Hurting Your Returns (Barron’s)
• Millennials on the Cusp of Middle Age Missed Their Boom (Bloomberg) see also Richest 1% of Americans Close to Surpassing Wealth of Middle Class (Bloomberg)
• A Complicated Villain: Is Elizabeth Warren Right About Private Equity? (ProMarket)
• On the Internet, No One Knows You’re Not Rich. Except This Account. (NYT)
• Apple Eyes 2022 Release for AR Headset, 2023 for Glasses (The Information)
• Three New Books on Human Consciousness to Blow Your Mind (Undark)
• The Knicks Haven’t Been This Bad in a Half-Century (WSJ)

What are you reading? Tell me here with #Reads.


Secular Stagnation and the Decline in Real Interest Rates

Source: National Bureau of Economic Research


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