1937 Cord 812 Super-Charged Westchester

This is one of the first classic cars I fell in love with:

The Cord Automobile division of the Auburn Automobile Company produced  in 1936 and 1937. It was the work of designer Gordon M. Buehrig (with Vince Gardner and Alex Tremulis on the team).

The improvements from the 810 to the 812 was the option of an (expensive) supercharger. It kicked the horsepower in the flathead V8 up from 125 to 175, and sent the price of the car up by $500. Only 688 supercharged 812s were built.

More than just beautiful, it was a very innovative car: It was first American-designed automobile with front wheel drive car, independent front suspension, cuts in hubcaps (to cool the brakes), enclosed headlights, gas cap hidden under a door, hidden door hinges, and rear-hinged hood, and “suicide doors.”

Pricey in its day — $3,095-$3,295 — similar to what Cadillacs cost — Cord sold 3000 of the cars by 1937; there are still 2000 in the hands of collectors (like Jay Leno) today.

The factory accurate “Cadet Gray” is not my first choice in paint colors — versions painted black, Geneva Blue or yellow are lovelier in my view. But this is a lovely version and will surely fetch a pretty penny at sale. Hardtops like this one with 4 doors go for $50-100k; the coupes and convertibles fetch higher prices, going for $100k200k.





Source: Bring A Trailer



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