Architecture and Climate Change

These are some really fascinating data points about how real estate consumes energy and impacts the climate.

36%: The percentage of global energy devoted to buildings and construction. 22% is residential buildings usage, 8% is non-residential usage, and 6% is the construction industry.

82%: The global energy consumption in buildings supplied by fossil fuels in 2015.

17%: Total energy consumption in the U.S. produced by renewable energy in 2018.

25%: The amount of energy in the UK supplied by renewable sources, representing a steady increase since 1998.

70%: The percentage of energy use in UK buildings devoted to heating. 19% is devoted to cooling, 7% is devoted to hot water, and 4% is devoted to lighting.

33%: The share of global energy-related greenhouse gas emissions emitted by buildings. This makes them the single biggest global emitter by sector.

They are from a much longer list here.


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The Facts about Architecture and Climate Change
by Niall Patrick Walsh
January 3, 2020


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