2017 Ferrari California T 70th Anniversary

The Ferrari California is a handsome, front-engined 500+HP V8, whose retractable hard top turn it into an open air cruiser. The classic good looks of these $200k spyders prices them near the lower end of the marquee’s range. Entry level Ferrari? Perhaps, but I have always liked — I think the Californias are prettier then the Portofinos that are replacing them.

In 2017, when Ferrari had its 70th anniversary, they produced a limited number of buyer-configurable models, in various levels of unique trim, some of which are quite spectacular. Case in point: The 2017 Ferrari California T below was produced as part of the “Tailor Made Collection” for Ferrari’s 70th anniversary.

From the Azzuro Metallic paintwork, to the cream Connolly leather upholstery, to the Special Handling Package, 20″ forged wheels, and Scuderia Ferrari fender shields, the original buyer of this car apparently did not care about cost: The 70th anniversary package plus special features and options added a whopping $126k to MSRP for an insane total price of $331k.

The California T is a Grand Touring Spyder: its twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 drives makes 552 horsepower and 557 lb-ft of torque. It sports a 220 MPH “aspirational” speedometer. The whole package is a lovely, middle of the road Ferrari, not available for reasonable prices. (You can find older ones for under $100k; this 2010 went cheap).

The gorgeous Azzuro blue 2017 below — with 4 years left on Ferrari’s 7-year warranty — ended up going for $161,513 on BAT. If you are a car junkie like myself, buying one of these at a 50% discount to MSRP is appealing. (No, I was not the buyer of this).

Perhaps the market is saturated, and maybe these won’t appreciate much. Regardless, the California T looks beautiful, and I bet is fun to drive hard.




Source: Bring A Trailer





Source: Bring A Trailer

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