Research Affiliates Investor Symposium




Every year, the team at Research Affiliates puts on an Investor Symposium in Newport Beach, California.

It is a terrific lineup this year, and I am looking forward to several of the speakers. I will be presenting on why it is so hard to generate Alpha. How is alpha generated? When do managers add value?

You can come hear my schtick, along with Morgan Housel Rob Arnott, and Cam Harvey, and others.


Here’s the “Request an Invite” page

The Agenda


2020 Investor Symposium

  • What: A 1 ½ day conference providing actionable insights to investors and advisors to help improve investment outcomes.
  • Date and venue: March 9 to 11, 2020, at the Balboa Bay Resort, Newport Beach, CA
  • Description: 100 to 150 attendees; this conference brings together well-known industry commentators, academics, and Research Affiliates’ thought leaders to address some of the most relevant concerns of investors today.


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