1961 Chevrolet Corvette 327 4-Speed (Fuel Injected)

A classic for Spring: The 1961 Chevrolet Corvette.

Truth be told, I was never a giant fan of cars made of what is essentially a formed bonded plastic — Fiberglass is for boats, not cars! They squeak, rattle, and creak like an old sailing ship. Decades in the future, carbon fiber and Aluminum will do a better job with less weight and higher tensile strength.

It doesn’t matter. That glorious shape, with the white inset against the red body! Those combination of those front headlights, grill and chrome bumpers. And of course, that spectacular dashboard and view from the driver’s seat.

About the 283 engine: The power output for the fuel-injected engine was 275 hp. The replacement 327 engine in this car was available in later years and makes 315 hp.

This car as of this writing is bid to $61k; they can go for as much as $150k

I was never a big Corvette-head — I admired them, and I really like the new one — but this one, produced in the year I was born, I would add to the stable of horses in the barn.



Source: Bring A Trailer

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