1962 Porsche 356B Twin Grille Roadster

As someone who was never much of a Porsche fan, my appreciation for these cute little Roadsters continues to grow. Despite the obvious family relationship to the VW Bug, some of the renovations on these have been lovely.

Only 248 roadsters were built in 1962 with the “twin-grilles” making it rare and more valuable. This blue over red version is a perfect example of a six figure renovation, leading to an auction price of $265,000. You can find the coupe version for well under 6 figures, and less pristine examples of the convertible are in the $100k neighborhood.

The simplicity of the design, dashboard, lines, even engine combine for a lovely top down driver. It is a perfect little car for a gentle cruise on a lovely Spring day.


Source: Bring A Trailer


Source: Bring A Trailer


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