The verdict is in. They’re gonna reopen the country and let people get infected and die.

Don’t just blame Trump and the red state rulers, Governor Newsom of California says the same thing:

“Newsom says no turning back on reopening plans, even as coronavirus cases climb”:

In case you doubt the facts (then again, if it’s in the “New York Times” it can’t be true, right?):

“Coronavirus Live Updates: With Cases Rising in 21 States, Washington turns to Other Business”:

As for the updates in the past 24 hours re Covid-19 infections, Laura Ingraham says it’s a plot, she tweeted today at 3:36 AM:

“Notice the ‘reporting’ on COVID, which disappeared to give Antifa and BLM ‘their space,’ is back now that President Trump is planning on rallies again?”

And it makes no difference that she was called out in the “Washington Post,” Ingraham doubled-down, she later tweeted:

“With protests are mostly over, the press is desperately trying to return to pushing the lockdown. Too late. We know they are liars, and that they will break any lockdown rule whenever they want.”

And if you think this kind of rhetoric has no impact, you missed today’s “Los Angeles Times” story:

“Who gets the blame if California sees major new coronavirus outbreaks with reopening?”:

Orange County California’s health officer, Dr. Nichole Quick, said masks were required in public places and at businesses and…

The anti-maskers went wild. They revealed Quick’s address. She needed security. And then she resigned.

This is over wearing a mask.

You see Americans can’t wear masks, it inhibits their FREEDOM!

As for protecting you from their germs…fuggedaboutit. It’s all narcissism all the time. Health? That’s no big deal. After all, we don’t crack down on school shootings, or even red-heavy country concert shootings. There are just a few bad apples out there, after all, guns don’t kill people, people kill people!

“Even With 10-Day Waiting Period, Suicide by Gun Risk Surges After Purchase”:

Now let me get this straight… If these people didn’t buy a gun they’d still commit suicide? I don’t buy it. Then again, I don’t have a gun, so the joke is on me.

You see the business of America is business. And it can’t be hobbled.

Oh, there have been tons of stories that the lockdown worked:

“Lockdowns worked, new research finds. Scientists estimate coronavirus measures stopped at least 60 million infections in the US and 3 million deaths in Europe.”:

But now everybody’s sick of being cooped up inside, they want to party!

It’s like the doctor saying you broke your leg and you need to wear a cast for six weeks, but you’re sick of the itch and you remove it after four. Huh? Then again, who is to trust doctors, they’re all about the money, it’s best to trust web research and your friends, after all the medical industrial complex is out to get you.

As for concerts?

They’re coming, you betcha.

All that hogwash about America being shut down into 2021, maybe even 2022? Young people just don’t care, they’re already associating. Not only at the protests, but at beaches, bars and restaurants. Not that it’s only young people, old people believe they’re immune too, statistics be damned.

“Officials fear protests are ‘super-spreader’ events for coronavirus. Marchers say worth the risk.”:

As for super-spreader events, I point you to the “Wall Street Journal,” the right wing paper of record:

“Superspreader Events Offer a Clue on Curbing Coronavirus – Some scientists think banning mass gatherings may be enough to keep the pandemic in check”:

And if you don’t subscribe to the “Journal,” you can read the equivalent in the “New York Times”:

“Just Stop the Superspreading – In one study, 20 percent of Covid-19 cases accounted for 80 percent of transmissions.”

But it gets even better, or worse, depending on your viewpoint. The experts? They’re really scared and cautious, if you click through to only one story, let it be this:

“When 511 Epidemiologists Expect to Fly, Hug and Do 18 Other Everyday Activities Again”:

But experts?

We don’t need no stinking experts! My opinion is just as good as anybody’s, and see what a great job Trump is doing for us with no previous government experience, as he says, he’s got a natural ability for this stuff. He loves his uneducated, they can be led blindly by his viewpoint. And his viewpoint is the country must reopen so he can get reelected! Hell, did you see the latest?

“Trump campaign demands CNN apologize for poll that shows Biden leading”:

Talk about making up your own facts…

So, the ship has left port, what are you supposed to do?

Everybody else is resuming their life, you’re being ribbed for being cautious.

They were partying in the Hamptons and friends knew Howard Stern wouldn’t attend, but why not his wife Beth?

Howard replied that Beth can go, but she can’t come back!

Oh, you’re laughing?

The partiers said they were observing social distancing. But then how did they serve drinks?

Trust no one. Everybody says they’re really strict and then when you quiz them they are not.

What are the odds of you getting it from your friends?

Not insanely high, but then again, you must ask yourself “‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”

Yup, tough guys like Clint Eastwood can fight off the coronavirus with a sneer. What did Muhammad Ali claim, that he made medicine sick? Good line, but then he got Parkinson’s and died.

But we must have football, it’s the American Way!

“More universities report coronavirus cases in athletic programs”:

But since that article was published just after midnight, the numbers have gone up. The “Miami Herald” now says four Florida players have tested positive”:

They’re dropping like flies I tell you.

There’s been improvement in treatment techniques, deaths per infection have gone down, but once you’ve got it, it’s personal, it’s just you and the virus, along with a bit of medical treatment. If you’re overweight, or have high blood pressure or diabetes, the odds are not with you, you’re a candidate for the Grim Reaper. And I don’t care how necessary you think you are, life will go on without you just fine. Your family may never recover, but everybody else will say it’s sad and move on, after all, isn’t life for the living?

Now this problem could be solved, if we had any leadership.

You see it’s about testing and contact tracing.

Bottom line, if you’ve got it we notify everybody you had contact with and you isolate and…

No, that can’t happen, you’ll be sacrificing your FREEDOM! The government can’t tell you what to do, no way. It’s kinda like kids today, they talk back to their parents, do it fifty years ago and you wouldn’t be here right now.

And people will say the young don’t die and we’ve lived through other flu pandemics and we didn’t lock down the country.

Yes, but some young do die, and they most certainly spread the virus to the rest of the population.

It’s just raw insanity. People were tired of being cooped up, a bunch of them protested at statehouses, and government officials blinked and started opening up their cities and states. You saw those pics from Memorial Day, well now the results are in…PEOPLE GOT INFECTED!

It’s science.

But we no longer believe in science. There’s no global warming, nothing is definitive so let’s not take any action. Can you PROVE vaccinations are harmless? Can you PROVE there’s no God? Well, until you can, I’m taking my own counsel. Because you know big business is against the people. But we must reopen the country for big business. Huh?

And many get paid more in unemployment insurance than they do when they work. Contemplate that, no further discussion necessary.

And I have a friend whose dead mother got a $1200 stimulus check. With Donald Trump’s name printed right on it, as well as the fact that his mother was DECEASED! He cashed it. His accountant told him there was no clawback provision in the legislation. And do you think they’re gonna find him when they keep on dismantling the IRS so rich people don’t get audited? That’s the law and order we need more of, not the kind done by people in blue uniforms.

It’s positively flabbergasting. We’re driving towards doom with no brakes. We gave it a good college try, but we’re done, let the virus have its way.

I’m not going out, even though I’m sick of being in.

But I seem to be one of only a handful. And can I really restrict Felice? Talk about being controlling in a relationship.

And odds are I won’t get infected.

But if I do, I’ve got a compromised immune system, my skin is covered in huge blotches and I’m itching up a storm as I write this. But everyone keeps suggesting topical solutions, or CBD, as if western medicine is not to be trusted. It’d be like getting your car washed to deal with a thrown rod.

And the news media features what’s sexy. It reports about Covid-19, but it’s no longer the lead story, the public is burned out. So it’s back to the shenanigans of celebrities and political nitpicking.

As for Trump getting elected in November…

If I told you five months ago that we’d shut down the country and there would be mass protests all over the nation you would have laughed me off. But now, with the election five months away, you believe the vibe today will sustain until November?

I wouldn’t be so sure. The economy is gonna be on an upswing, Trump will take credit and they’ll print the obituaries but…don’t people die every day anyway?



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