75 Years of American Finance: 1861-1935

Source: FRASER


This is fascinating: A year by year annotated chart, created by L. Merle Hostetler in 1936, while at Cleveland College of Western Reserve University.  The self published volume when fully displayed was approximately 85 feet long.

It details everything from technical; breaks, bank failures, Treasury bills, commodity crops, public debt, key legislation, etc.



ABSTRACT: The work was created by L. Merle Hostetler in 1936, while he was at Cleveland College of Western Reserve University (now known as Case Western Reserve University). Mr. Hostetler was a Financial Economist and then Director of Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland from 1943 to 1962. The volume appears to be self published and consists of a chart, approximately 85 feet long, fanfolded into 40 pages. At some point after it was printed, he added the years 1936-1938, which are attached to the last page.

For a presentation friendly view that allows you to scroll through the document horizontally, visit https://fraser.stlouisfed.org/75years/presentation.php


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