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My mid-week morning train WFH reads:

No, This Isn’t a Repeat of the Dot-Com Bubble: Whether it’s IPOs hitting 1999-like levels, retail investors flooding the markets, or the tech bubble bursting again, there’s no shortage of headlines suggesting that we are experiencing a dot-com déjà vu. However, despite some similarities between today’s market and the market of the late 1990s, this is where the resemblance ends. (Of Dollars And Data)
The Pervasive, Head-Scratching, Risk- Exploding Problem With Venture Capital: venture fund industry returns show a very wide dispersion, with the bottom quartile of all funds losing money. This dispersion is significantly higher than in private equity funds and remarkable when contrasted with public equity, where even the bottom-quartile funds deliver 5 percent or better on average. (Institutional Investor)
These Stocks Have Rallied More Than 400% This Year: Tesla and Zoom are among the big winners, as well as those benefiting from changing tastes during coronavirus pandemic (WSJ) see also Here’s the shocking truth about Robinhood investors vs. Wall Street stock pros: Individual investors as a group are doing better than most U.S. equity mutual funds (Marketwatch)
The Coming Psychological Revolution in the Housing Market: Despite the lack of efficiency in the space, housing remains one of the few enormous markets left almost completely untouched by technology. I don’t expect this to last.  (Wealth of Common Sense)
How China Is Taking Over International Organizations, One Vote at a Time: China’s decadelong campaign to secure more clout at the United Nations is now helping shield Beijing from international scrutiny (WSJ)
Was the Identity of Q Really Just Revealed? What the latest revelations about the pro-Trump conspiracy theory really tell us. (Slate)
The Resurgence and Importance of Email Newsletters: Email newsletters, once thought of as low-tech and unfashionable, are proving increasingly valuable to publishers looking to build strong direct relationships with audiences.  (Digital News Report)
Why are you seeing this digital political ad? No one knows! Online political ads are wildly unregulated — and increasingly important for campaigns. (Vox)
Are You Liberal? Are You Sure? A growing body of research suggests our political beliefs are flexible – and that we may be more capable of understanding the other side than we realize. (We Are Not Divided)
2022 Tesla Model S Plaid gets three motors, more than 1,100 horsepower: The Plaid Model S sedans gets three motors, making more than 1,100 horses. Estimates are for 0-60 in under 2 seconds. That’s hyper-car territory. (Auto Blog)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Pedro Earp, Chief Marketing Officer at AB InBev as well as the director of the company’s Venture Capital fund, ZX Ventures Officer. AB InBev is the world’s leading brewer, selling about ~1/4 of all beer around in the world beer in more than 150+ countries with such brands as Budweiser, Corona, Stella, Becks, Hoegarden, Modela, and 100s others.


Total Return This Millennium On Gold

Source: Wall Street Journal


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