Now that your holiday shopping is over, have a look at this change to American consume life: the death of the mall

Filmed summer 2007, the documentary “Malls R Us” takes us to the mall, not just as a destination, but as a powerful profit-making venture. The question of whether or not developers are going too far in pursuit of the next best mall, only to turn their profits and then dump the real estate, with no consideration for what was displaced, is examined here. What the future brings once the mall is abandoned and forgotten is also explored. Careful thought and lessons learned in the United States are seemingly oblivious when the potential for profit is endless in countries that are just now seeing the endless possibilities ushered in by the mall age. Meanwhile, back here at home, the mall bubble has burst and the ramifications are just beginning. I encourage you to watch this film!

This clip features, with Peter Blackbird, Brian Florence, and Jack Thomas, filmed live on location in Ohio at Cleveland’s Randall Park Mall and Akron’s Rolling Acres Mall. “Malls R Us” documentary segment

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