Succinct Summation of Week’s Events 10.9.20

Succinct Summations for the week ending October 9th, 2020


1. Markets see signs of an uncontested result in Presidential elections.
2. Home refinance apps rose 8.0% w/o/w, above the previous decreases.
3. PMI Services Index remained the same in September at 54.6.
4. ISM Services Index came in at 57.8 in September, above the expectations.
5. Crude oil inventories rose 0.50M barrels w/o/w, above the previous decrease.


1. WTF, dude, really? Just stay in bed and get better.
2. Jobless claims fell 9k w/o/w from 849k to 840k, above the expected 819k.
3. Job openings came in at 6.493M in August, below the previous 6.697M.
4. Home mortgage apps fell 2.0% for a second straight week.
5. Consumer credit fell by $-7.2B in August, below the expected increase of $14.6B.

Thanks, Matt!




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