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My back to work morning train WFH reads:

America’s Elections Are More Secure Than You Think  Chances are we will soon look back on the 2020 elections as the most secure in our history. There will probably be delays, disputes, and disinformation. But actual large-scale chicanery with the balloting or tabulation won’t be among the problems. (Barron’s)
This Is Jerome Powell’s Moment, No Matter Who Wins: This week, amid a tumultuous U.S. election, the Washington leader who has done more than any other to stabilize the U.S. economy and steady markets will go about his business as usual. (Barron’s)
2020 reads like a TV script. So we asked screenwriters how it should end. “This is a year that’s so crazy that literally, actual government footage of a UFO was declassified, and nobody talked about it.”  (Washington Post)
The stock market is overvalued, according to almost every measure dating to 1950: Price-to-earnings ratio, Cyclically-Adjusted Price/Earnings Ratio (CAPE), Total Return CAPE, Dividend yield, Price-to-sales ratio, Price/book ratio, Q-ratio, Market cap/GDP ratio, are all pricier than they were when 2020 began (Marketwatch)
Geothermal energy is poised for a big breakout: “An engineering problem that, when solved, solves energy.” (Vox)
Five Ways to Address Online Speech Problems Without Gutting the Law That Created Today’s Internet President Trump and former Vice President Biden agree on one thing: They don’t like Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (Slate)
Is Twitter Going Full Resistance? Here’s the Woman Driving the Change. The war between conservatives and Twitter is heating up, in part because of Vijaya Gadde’s unheralded influence on the iconic social-media company.  (Politico)
Daylight Saving Time as Americans know it was instituted by corporate lobbies, not farmers: We have the candy lobby, the barbecue lobby, and the golf ball lobby to thank for modern American Daylight Saving Time. (Quartz)
A Message for Reluctant Trumpers of Good Faith One last chance to explain why right matters. (The Triad)
Sean Connery, an Icon of Effortlessness Struggle is the essence of drama, but there are some actors who win audiences over by making everything look easy. Connery, who died Saturday at the age of 90, was the warmest presence, the most natural, the most welcoming of that group.  (The Ringer)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Mario Giannini, CEO of private equity firm Hamilton Lane. One of the few publicly traded PE shops, the firm oversees more than $500 billion in privately invested assets.


96.5% recovery is the 2nd-worst recession in 62 years; US is 5 Qs from complete recovery.

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