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10 Years ago CEO of Lucid Motors Peter Rawlinson was the chief engineer on the Tesla model S and VP of engineering at Tesla. He left to join Atieva, a battery technology company originally focused on building electric vehicle batteries and powertrains for other vehicle manufacturers. Today he is CEO of Lucid Motors, one of the most promising competitors to Tesla.

In 2016, Lucid Motors unveiled the first prototype of the Lucid Air. It has proprietary patented powerhouse, a miniaturized yet powerful electric powertrain, extending the philosophy of hyper-efficiency. Lucid’s technology is on the leading edge of performance for electrified vehicles. Powered by a 113 kwh battery pack with a 900 volt architecture, its electric motor, inverter, transmission, and differential are all housed in one miniaturized electric drive unit that weighs just 163lb (74kg) and packs over 650hp. That is a huge innovation is power and efficiency.

The miniaturization means that Lucid Air can create a full size interior cabin in a mid sized vehicle, with the luggage capacity of an SUV, and the performance of a 7 figure hyper car. The firm has raised over 1 billion dollars of venture funding.

Air Pure $69,900 (Early 2022)
Single Motor, RWD 480 HP,  range 406 Miles

Air Touring $87,500 (Late 2021)
Dual Motor, AWD 620 HP, range 406 Miles

Air Grand Touring $131,500  (Summer 2021)
Dual Motor, AWD 800 HP, range 517 Miles

Air Dream Edition (Limited) $161,500  (Spring 2021)
Dual Motor, AWD 1080 HP, range 503 Miles

All data via Lucid

Color me very interested.



Source: Lucid Motors






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