Riskalyze Fearless RIA Roundtable




From day one of our 2013 launch of RWM, we were using Riskalyze. We had been playing with it at the old shop but moved it front and center once we were controlling our own tech/stack.

Usually, risk tolerance surveys tell you less about a client’s true ability to withstand drawdowns and volatility, and more about what the market has been doing over the past 6 months. Riskalyze seems to have cracked that code, and they quantify risk tolerance mathematically. Not only were we early adopters of the technology, Josh & I are shareholders and on their board of advisors.

So when Aaron asked me to present at the semi-annual Riskalyze Fearless RIA Roundtable, I was thrilled to help out. I discussed a recent blog post with some of their team that might be of interest.

It is so easy to do webinar is from home — no travel, airports or hotels — but I wonder if some of the adrenaline & energy gets lost versus doing these live and in person. I tried to craft the subject matter more towards an audience of all advisors. I hope it works out, and I am looking forward to whatever feedback I get (good and bad) .


My keynote scheduled for noon today; if it becomes publicly accessible, I will post a link or perhaps the entire presentation.




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