1965 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible 327/365

The C2, or second edition of the Corvette, was produced from 1963 to 1967. The famed 1963 split window coupe is the most famous of these cars, but they command a six figure premium over comparable C2s. I prefer the coupes, but Spring is here, it has been sunny and 60 degrees, and so our thoughts turn to open air driving.

The big difference in these cars were the Engines: The 327ci V8 (fuel injected or carbureted) ranged from 250-375hp; the 427 big block which in 1965 was a 425hp beast (but tended to overheat when driven to slowly). The 4 speed manual was the desired transmission. The car below had a 327ci L75 V8, rated at 365 horsepower.

In 1965, Chevrolet sold a total of 23,564 Sting Rays, of which 15,378 were convertibles.

New in 1965, the Convertible was priced at $4,106; the Coupe was a little more expensive at $4,321. You can find clean examples at reasonable prices for a driver: The smaller 327 V8 engine goes for $50-70k. Concours cars go for considerably more.

Every time I share a ‘Vette in these pages, I feel compelled to point out I was never a “Corvette guy.” Not a fan of the fiberglass bodies — lighter than steel, but tending to squeak and rattle. But as these cars age, as time goes by, the graceful design just gets better and better. The interior is simply lovely, and there is no bad angle from which to view the Sting Ray.

If you are looking for a decent weekend driver to enjoy when the weather gets nice, the C2 might be a car to consider.


Source: Bring A Trailer


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