BBRG: How to Navigate the ‘Great Reset’

How to Navigate the ‘Great Reset’
The closest parallel is the post-World War II era, which led to massive economic and societal changes.
Bloomberg, May 31, 2021



It is the natural tendency of markets — which is to say its’ human participants — to extrapolate current trends to their extremes. We saw a lot of that during the beginning of the pandemic lockdowns — from the “This changes everything!” approach to a more modest acceleration of prior trends.

Regardless of where you were a year ago, today it is clear many things are in flux. There are debates as to just where we are in the market and economic cycle.

These differences of opinion are necessary to create counterparties to trades (when everyone agrees, who would take the other side of your buys or sells?). Yet I cannot recall a comparable era with as many contradictory opinions playing out at once across so many topics.

My view: This is a Great Reset. The impact will be substantial, especially in these areas:

• Technology

• Work from home

• Suburbia

• Office/Commercial Real Estate

• Rising Wages

• Inflation

There are many other areas that will be subject to major shifts in both behavior and pricing but start with these 6.


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I originally published this at Bloomberg, May 31, 2021. All of my Bloomberg columns can be found here and here


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