Writing – and Forgetting – the World’s Pandemic Playbook



What happens when the Federal government’s transition goes awry and a highly contagious, lethal pandemic arises? Michael Lewis unfurls that narrative in his latest book, The Premonition, A Pandemic Story. The author of Undoing ProjectMoneyball, The Big Short, and so many others explains how the United States was the best prepared nation in the world for a pandemic, yet allowed a variety of its institutions to fail.

Deploying the patented approach that makes all of his books so readable, Lewis tells the story through quirky and fascinating characters: Charity Dean, the head of Public Health for Santa Barbara (and later, California); Carter Mescher, the Bush Administration alum who created the pandemic response playbook; Joe DeRisi, the MacArthur Fellow who heads the CZ Biohub research lab.

How the government manages a portfolio of existential risks as it transitions from one administration to the next is detailed in his prior book, The Fifth Risk: Undoing Democracy. After completing that book, Lewis said awaited for some disaster to occur. Over the next three years, the Administration fortunately avoided major snafus, but in 2020, their — and our — luck ran out.

His books are here; A transcript of our conversation is available here.

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