BBRG: What My Worst Trades Taught Me About Investing


What My Worst Trades Taught Me About Investing
Losing money on Wall Street can be profitable in the long run.
Bloomberg, September 4, 2021.




In a career filled with other bad trades, missed opportunities and judgment errors, some decisions stand out, not just for the lost money — although it adds up to tons of that — but rather, for the lessons learned.

I go into bloody detail in the full column, but here is the overview:

Apple at $15 (pre splits; post splits its apple at 26.78 cents per share;

Robinhood’s 2015 seed round: Todays market cap is $37 billion, but in 2014-15, it was ~ $100 million.

Behavioral insight:  “Ugh.” When your first reaction to a trade idea is visceral disgust, ask yourself how much bad news is already priced in.

Short the market: There is a right way and wrong way to be short.


You can read the full column here.




I originally published this at Bloomberg September 4, 2021. All of my Bloomberg columns can be found here and here


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