The 1% Show: Life, Investing & Kindness



I spend some quality time on the other side of the Mic in this one:

If you are unfamiliar with the works of Vishal Khandelwal, you should get up to speed. I especially like his book “The Sketchbook of Wisdom” which goes far beyond investing to discuss what really matters. When he invited me onto his new podcast, The One Percent Show to discuss thinking independently in a noisy world and creating meaning in life — my favorite topics in philosophy and investing — I was thrilled to say yes.

As soon as you have a few hours to kill, tee this one up — we go pretty deep. There is even more here.








Vishal Khandelwal sums up the philosophy of the 1% show as “an open-ended exploration into the minds of the wisest people around to help us learn to think, invest, and live each day a little, as little as one percent, better.”

I surely will be borrowing this chart:



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