1932 Chrysler CG Imperial Custom Roadster

Another spectacular day for top-down motoring.

May I suggest a depression-era roadster, the Imperial? It was Chrysler’s attempt to compete with luxury rivals such as Cadillac, Lincoln, Duesenberg, and Pierce Arrow.

The 1932 Chrysler CG Imperial below is a unique model, continually improved by its original owner. Mods are looked at differently today than a century ago. I don’t know much about the Imperial, but Wikipedia notes: “For several decades and multiple generations, the Imperial was the exclusive Chrysler and the favorite choice of luxurious transportation for senior executive leadership, government officials, royalty and various celebrities.

It’s a good-looking car, to say the least. The CG Imperial Custom Roadster below is the most expensive-ever selling Chrysler, going at auction in April of this year for $1.6 million



Source: Classic Driver

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