SUPD: Debt Ceiling & Inflation



I joined Pete Dominick to discuss the Debt Ceiling, Inflation, markets, and more. I pop into the pod around the 30-minute mark. (Before that, Pete discusses how his teenage daughter got scammed out of $5k by a fake border police grift, and why there is a sort of happy ending).

We also discuss my thesis of the “Disloyal Opposition” as it applies to Debt Ceilings, fiscal stimulus, and even vaccines.

Politics used to stop at the water’s edge, and while we may have disagreed about how we were going to achieve those goals, everybody wanted what was best for the country. That is no longer true. Politics are now purely a blood sport — it’s just about power, not policy. And that desire to win power at any cost — regardless of whether it’s blood or treasure — is where we are today, and it’s more than a little sad.





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